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    European Climbers and Mountain Guides Brawl on Mt. Everest

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    by Geo Beats

    European climbers and mountain guides allegedly get into a brawl on Mt. Everest.

    Climbing Mount Everest is difficult to say the least. Known for temperatures that can easily reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit, ferocious winds and oxygen-deprived air at elevated heights, ascending up Everest has led to many climbers deaths.

    But during an expedition, the crew encountered danger of a different kind and a bizarre fight is currently under investigation by police in Nepal. A Swiss and an Italian climber reportedly got into a brawl with their Nepalese mountain guides.

    The climbers were at 24,500 feet, close to Camp Three. Apparently the guides went to secure ropes and told the experienced climbers to wait, however the enthusiastic athletes opted not to listen and continued moving upwards.

    Ice was broken from their climb which reportedly fell on the guides and presumably angered them. When the climbers returned to their tents at Camp Two, the sherpas allegedly went after them with a vengeance throwing punches, kicks and rocks in front of eyewitnesses.

    According to one of the climbers, none of the guides reported any injuries from the falling ice. A peace deal was worked out however, with the assistance of several team leaders at Base Camp.