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    Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines (uncensured)


    par Crevette_x

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    @ Matlockization
    not the whole song, but compare the beats at the beginning. there kinda simmiliar. i guess pretty much that is enough for the music industry
    Par TessaigaL'année dernière
    Matlockization .
    There is no way in gods earth that this song is the same as Marvin Gaye's 'Got to give it up'.
    Par Matlockization .L'année dernière
    @Gabriel Cayari
    The brunette: Emily Ratajkowski
    The black girl: Jessi M'Bengue
    The blonde: Elle Evans
    Par legitimatewaysL'année dernière
    The brunette : Emily Ratajkowski
    The others : I don't know
    Par Crevette_xL'année dernière
    Gabriel Cayari
    which and the name of the women in the video ?
    Par Gabriel CayariL'année dernière
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