The Lazyboy - Alex Cairns - Documentary - Ski - 2013

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The "The Lazyboy" is a short documentary about Alex Cairns, a sit skier from Squamish, BC. He was born with Spinal Bifida which left him paralyzed from the knees down. 6 years ago his grandmother signed him up for his first ski lesson. Although he didn't enjoy it much at first he stuck with it. Now Alex is 21 years old and skiing for the BC Para-Alpine Ski Team, but racing isn't the only type of skiing Alex likes to do. Freeskiing is his true passion. Sending cliffs, shredding steep lines and boosting jumps was what attracted Alex to the sport.

Directed and Produced by Nevin Falloon
Written by Nevin Falloon
Camera: Nevin Falloon & Devon Mussett
Sound: Devon Mussett
Lighting: Nevin Falloon & Devon Mussett
Editing: Nevin Falloon

Echoes of Folly - Soul Deconstruction
Abdication (no drums) - Royalty Free Kings
Learning To Die - Soul Deconstruction
Nothing Can Stop Us Now - Soul Deconstruction
Fallout - F3NN3R
Guitar Input - Soul Deconstruction

Thanks to everyone who made this film possible.

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