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    Apr 30 - Homily: Thou Hast Loved Justice and Hated Iniquity


    by AirMaria

    Homily #130430 ( 07min) -Father shows how St. Catherine lived the opening words of today's Intriot, Dilexísti iustítiam et odísti iniquitátem - Thou hast loved justice and hated iniquity, in bringing the Papacy back to Rome from France. Can we say the same about Christians in America? When the iniquity of abortion is all around us, and most Christians are passive spectators? Shame and woe to those Christians who are passive in the face of iniquity. Too many of us live like unbelievers searching for pleasure and comfort, but if we embrace lives of rigor and mortification, like St. Catharine, we too will love justice and hate iniquity.
    Ave Maria!
    Mass:St. Catharine of Sienna, Virgin - - 3rd Cl - Form:EF, Dilexisti
    1st: 2co 10:17-11:2
    Gsp: mat 25:1-13
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