Egg Sells for $101,813

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An egg sells for $101,813.

A fossilized egg brought in nearly 102 thousand dollars at a Christie’s auction.

The egg is so huge it could be breakfast for an entire family, maybe for a whole month as it’s 120 times larger than a chicken egg.

The bird that laid it is no joke either. The mother of the almost 9 inch in diameter monster weighed about 1000 pounds herself.

Her species, the elephant bird, is now extinct.

The specimen was found in Madagascar and dates back to before the 17th century.

James Hyslop, the scientific specialist at Christies, said, “the egg is the largest egg ever laid by any animal” – even dinosaurs.

The largest eggs laid by living animals come from ostriches, although in relation to their body size other birds have it way harder.

The average ostrich egg yields the equivalent of 2 dozen chicken eggs and takes about an hour and a half to hard boil.

The females lay them at a rate of about 60 a year, but the hatching responsibilities are shared by both parents.