'Iron Man 3' Setting Overseas Records

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You guys, Iron Man is going after The Avengers, in what looks to be one of the biggest battles in the history of superhero movies. At the box office of course...That's because Iron Man 3 is already breaking international box office records, bringing in a mind blowing $195 million dollars in the first 5 days of being in theaters overseas. In 5 days, you guys!! The movie has already been released in over 42 territories internationally, which makes up about 79% of the market abroad. But to help put this in perspective, Iron Man 3 has already made more money in one weekend internationally than Captain America did in it's entire time in theaters overseas. Holy cow...There are even predictions that Iron Man 3's success could surpass that of Marvel's recording breaking The Avengers which internationally brought in a whopping $895 million bucks. Now you're saying, well 195 mil is not even close to The Avengers 895 mil, right? Well, of course, but Iron Man 3 still hasn't even opened in several huge markets including Russia, China, or Germany and because it's already taken the top spot as the biggest opening weekends ever in countries like Hong Kong, Argentina, and Indonesia, the predictions are that it could surpass The Avengers success all over the map. In Australia, for example, Iron Man 3 is already the biggest Disney and Marvel opening of all time. But, the next question is how will it do domestically? Well, predictions are that Iron Mans opening weekend could round up about $117 million dollars stateside, but that number could be a lot higher as word of it's international success starts spreading. But it's success ultimately depends on you guys! How many of you out there are planning on seeing Iron Man 3 on May 3rd? Do you think it will be more successful than The Avengers? Take a stab at what you think the box office numbers will be down in the comments section, and sub to us here at ClevverMovies, so we can bring you updates on all of your favorite Marvel news. From our studio, in Hollywood, Im Erin White.