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    can small and local business owner's blog?/ online presence

    Colm Mcgill

    by Colm Mcgill

    Can small/Local business owner's blog?
    Well quite simply of course you can. I was asked the other day by a local business owner what could I speak about. My reply was "how much do you know about your business and you're Industry?" They promptly replied "what I don't know about this business is not worth knowing" as you can imagine I smiled and said "you better start writing about it so".
    You see guys you are an expert all ready in your business and there are many people interested in listening to your advice your experiences and the solutions you offer. Also there are many people out there that want to know what your product or service will them and what value they will gain from your product and service.
    Do not focus too much inwardly try and think outside of the box guys. I will put up another post soon on tips on blogging for local business.
    So keep in mind you have loads and loads of information to share and I think this post answers the question
    Can small/Local business owner's blog?