Augustine - trailer [HD] (2013) Alice Winocour, Vincent Lindon, Soko, Chiara Mastroianni

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Augustine - trailer [HD] (2013)
In theaters: May 17th, 2013
Copyright © 2013 Music Box Films

In Belle Epoque Paris, 19-year-old kitchen maid Augustine suffers an inexplicable seizure that leaves her partially paralyzed and is shipped off to an all-female psychiatric hospital specializing in the then-fashionable ailment of "hysteria." Augustine captures the attention of renowned neurologist Dr. Charcot (Vincent Lindon) after she has another attack that appears to give her intense physical pleasure. Intrigued, he begins using her as his principal subject, hypnotizing her in front of his fellow doctors. As Augustine displays her spectacular fits in lecture halls, the lines between doctor and patient become blurred, radically impacting the course of both of their lives. Based on a true story, this darkly sensual romantic drama chronicles one woman’s sexual awakening against the backdrop of neo-Victorian psychology and social repression.

Genre: Drama
Official Site:
Director: Alice Winocour
Cast: Vincent Lindon, Soko, Chiara Mastroianni
Writers: Alice Winocour
Run Time: 102 minutes

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