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    Pixar Cars with a rare appearance of the SUMO Wrestlers !!...


    by ianmacdon

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    Hi guys and please subscribe to our videos, this video features some characters in Disney Cars Movies Cars2 or cars 2 , either way, it is by Pixar Studios,not sure which is right, but this video features the Sumo Wrestlers. There are 2 of them :
    As a professional Sumo wrestler at an arena in Tokyo, Japan, Kingpin Nobunaga is a gold-painted micro van who fights his fiercest matches when he's wearing his lucky purple mawashi.
    The other guy , Pinion Tanaka is a gold-painted micro van and a professional Sumo wrestler from Tokyo, Japan, who's always a menacing sight in the ring in his signature teal mawashi.
    They engaged in quite the battle in this video, I hope you like it.
    All the cars ended up in Japan after Mater made a bet with the fastest formula one car , that Lightning was faster, and because of that McQueen ends up competing in the World Grand Prix.... please comment, and give us a thumbs up, it means a lot to us, Thanks for watching.