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    Two polyglots speak a dozen languages in a mall in Ohio: Benny and Moses level up!

    Benny Lewis

    by Benny Lewis

    For subtitles: Press Youtube's subtitles button. After this video, I sat down and interviewed Moses about levelling up:
    This blog post discusses the experience in more detail:

    Moses' Youtube channel: This includes the UNEDITED (several hour footage) version of the video. Or click the video response from Moses to see it.

    We went out together to a mall and two stores and at various points in the video you can hear us speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Wolof, Fulani, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Spanish, French, Tamil, and Portuguese, most of it being by Moses.

    Videos of me speaking other languages are on my channel. Here's one of me using eleven languages: and on this page there are videos of me interviewing natives so you can hear my spontaneous unscripted fluency level better. On the same page, you can also see my TEDx talk.