Afterfilm R.A.W (Ruff Aggressive Wave) - Northern Edition

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Afterfilm de la soirée R.A.W (Ruff Aggressive Wave) - Northern Edition by Trip & Teuf

Lieu : Salle Watremez + Cave aux Poètes - Roubaix
Date : Samedi 20 Avril 2013
Horaires : 22h00 - 05h00


Mainstage :

Audiofreq [Au] (Hardstyle)
Chain Reaction [NL] (Raw Hardstyle)
Partyraiser [NL] (Hardcore/Industrial)
Artemis [Fr] (Hardstyle)
Living Entity [Fr] (Hardstyle)
Amalia Syst-M [Fr] (Raw Hardstyle)
Nanox [Fr] (Jumpstyle)
Demon.G [Fr] (Jumpstyle)

Regional stage :

Underground Damage [Fr] (Industrial/Crossbreed)
Exotane [Fr] (Hardcore)
Main Suspect [Be] (Hardstyle)
The Machinist [Fr] (Hardcore)
T-Gesic [Fr] (Industrial/Terror)
Black Infect [Fr] (Hardcore)
Prickly Souls [Fr] (Raw Hardstyle)
The Envaderz' [Fr] (Hardstyle)
The Deafmaker [Fr] (Raw Hardstyle)

Mapping Vidéo Live : Digital Vandal

Tracklist de la bande son de l'afterfilm :
Audiofreq - Lose Control
Chain Reaction - The Record Breaking
Tieum & Partyraiser - Equipement Fail

Infos :

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