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    Sleeping Sorrows - "Desert Fire" Official Lyric Video - Gegey Music


    by BlankTV

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    Sleeping Sorrows - "Desert Fire" Gegey Music - A BlankTV Premiere!

    Artist city, country: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Artist Biography: The band is recognized for being one of the young talents in the scene. They've established quite a reputation notably for their melodic rhythms, catchy choruses, orchestral lines for some spice together with the all-typical metalcore foundation in their songs.


    Label Name: Gegey Music
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: Contrast of the world
    (Everything you see is fake)
    Reality in a swirl
    (Let torment find solace right here)
    Of rigid fabrics
    (Order out of its righteous scale)
    Let's reshape our precious homes
    (Build the walls that made them whole)

    Veins that run inland
    (Contaminated as we speak)
    Time will tell no bounds
    (Lavishly taking all the chances)
    And suppressed, the government
    (And we'll be on our own)
    And let cowards rise upfront
    (Oh, such beliefs!)
    Oh, such beliefs..

    A fool tell the tales of a fallen great.
    Oh, such beliefs. Such beliefs.
    Where's the trust, lodged in us, where have they gone.
    Oh, such beliefs, such beliefs.

    Our voices, lifted up high, shall resound the world out of its curse.

    (Clean vocals)
    Refine me in through time.
    believing, misleading all the truth behind.
    All things you imply falls deep in judgement.
    And I've strived, I had faith in every aspect s of my life.
    Enduring undividedly, I held high on my beliefs.

    (Acap SOG)
    I'm now ingested, by thy rules.
    Overshadowed by broken truths.

    (Nash Caladrius)
    Where's the trust that you've implied, where have they gone.

    (Nash & Eykram)
    Arcane science cannot hold us longer.
    Purge insanity off our shoulders.
    Angels will serve as a soldier, as they wilt in Hell.
    Never fear, they can't control us.
    Imagination is our weapon.

    Oh, such beliefs. Such beliefs.
    Where's the trust, you've lodged in us, where have they gone.
    Oh, such beliefs, such beliefs.


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