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The lights go out at school and dark secrets are revealed... on the latest of Glee! Hey Gleeks here is your recap of the "Lights Out" episode of Glee, here on ClevverMusic. "American Idol" album Jessica Sanchez made her Glee debut on the show, but only for about a minute. The show starts Glee teacher Mr. Schu nervous about a new rival school sophomore singer Freida Romero on "Who's Your Daddy?" team, even though she's never competed before. We see a peek at Freida performing the National Anthem and it's enough to make anyone jittery, take a peek.

At school a power outage at McKinley High forces Mr. Schuester to carry on in with class in the dark and so this week's Glee class assignment to prep for regionals is "unplugged". In New York Kurt and Rachel have an intervention with their new roommate Santana who they think is throwing her life away as a cage dancer at clubs and as a bouncer at lesbian beer garden. Santana insists she just needs time to "figure it out". At school, Sam kicks off unplugged assignment singing the Righteous Brothers "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin" on acoustic guitar. Sarah Jessica Parker makes her return as Isabelle and we see Kurt is back at his internship, where he gets to be the "celebrity wrangler" for the New York Ballet Gala and he gets to bring his friends. Back in Lima, fired teacher Sue Sylvester is now a personal trainer and teaches her Sue90X class to "Call on Me" and we see Blaine is in attendance.

He begs her to come back to save the Cheerios and set the record straight on the school shooting for all the scared kids at school. In Glee class Ryder still doesn't know who is catfishing him but and he's still playing along. We see Ryder perform his assignment song R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" and reveals to the class he was once molested by his babysitter and later over dinner Cheerio mean girl Kitty reveals she went through something similar. We finally see the vulnerable side of Kitty and realize why she is the way she is. Artie's assignment leads the class in a 'Stomp' style performance of Queen's "We Will Rock You", check it out.

At the New York Ballet Gala Santana and Rachel are there to help Kurt out and the three sing "At the Ballet" from "A Chorus Line" along with Isabelle AKA Sarah Jessica Parker. The Ballet Gala inspired Santana to enroll in NYADA's extension program to continue her love for dance. Meanwhile, Becky tries to get Sue to come back to school and eventually admits to Principal Figgins the school shooting was her fault and the lights come back on at school. For the final assignment song of the week the kids do an a cappella of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time." In the end Ryder tells his cyber girlfriend Katie his plan to reveal who she is. We think Katiexoxo is actually Kitty and that the two will get together. Who do YOU think Katie is?! Also tell us in the comment s your favorite performance from this week. I'm Misty Kngma see you soon with more Glee updates and music news.