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    Woman Claiming to be God Lights Car on Fire at Gas Station

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    A woman claiming to be God lights her car on fire at a gas station.

    Recently, a woman in Daytona Beach, Florida reportedly doused her vehicle in gasoline and lit it in the worst possible place; at a gas station.

    An employee at the BP shop claimed 29-year-old, Alexandra Barnes walked in the establishment and snatched a lighter before abruptly departing. After a brief struggle with another worker, Barnes flicked a lighter and the fuel doused vehicle broke out in flames.

    Barnes then began screaming her babies were in the car, which turned out to be her dogs. A citizen was able to rescue the pets, but Barnes took off in the middle of the street and sat down, claiming that she was God.

    The damage at the station was minimal, however Barnes was taken to the hospital, where she will mostly likely undergo a mental evaluation.

    Last year, another woman in Florida, 41-year-old Melissa Miller was arrested for reportedly driving 100 miles per hour in a 30 zone. An officer witnessed her silver Toyota zooming down the road with its horn roaring.

    Once she was finally stopped, Miller told police she "was letting the Lord spirit guide her". As for her horn blowing, she stated "the Lord was telling me to do it."