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    Baby Sold on Facebook

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    A baby is sold on Facebook in India.

    Three people have been arrested in India for selling a newborn boy on Facebook.

    The baby was first stolen from his mother by his own grandfather. The man sold the baby to a nurse at the hospital for 850 dollars. He then told the mother the infant had died.

    The nurse and a lab assistant brokered a deal on Facebook, negotiating the sale of the child for 15 thousand dollars.

    After investigating the incident, police located and arrested the three involved in the theft and sale. The purchaser is still at large.

    The grandfather said that he took the child because he wanted to arrange a second marriage for his daughter, and the child fathered by her estranged previous husband was in the way.

    The mother has been reunited with her child.

    Recently, in Spain about 1000 people began searching for siblings they were told were dead.

    Beginning under the rule of Franco, an estimated 300 thousand children were stolen by doctors and nuns over a period of decades. The children were then sold to affluent families.