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    Chinese Man Buys World's Most Expensive Vacation Package

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    by Geo Beats

    The first "world's most expensive" vacation package sells.

    What's your idea of a dream vacation?

    About a month ago, the company, teamed up with tour operation company Hurlingham Travel to offer a travel adventure that lasts two years and cost $1.5 million.

    Described as the “world’s most expensive vacation”, travelers get to visit every single UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world.

    Now the Guardian notes an unidentified, but apparently wealthy man from China has been the first to sign the contract for the exclusive journey, which is slated to take off next year.

    He will definitely be declared a world traveler after the trip is through, as he will get to visit roughly 150 different countries during the two-year venture. The founder of spoke of the UNESCO tour stating' “When we launched it, we didn't know if it would sell. Not all of our products do.”

    Thus far the company has received over a dozen calls inquiring about the trip and they have one other potential booking. The vacation package includes overland travel, flights and upscale hotel accommodation.