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    "The Originals" Pilot Recap TVD S4x20


    by ClevverTV

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    The backdoor pilot for the new Vampire Diaries spin-off aired last night, and as the title of the new series, "The Originals," would suggest, it was a look at Klaus unlike we've ever seen him before. In the pilot, we see Klaus leave Mystic Falls in search of a witch in New Orleans who can help him. For the original vampire, this also means returning to a town that helped build hundreds of years earlier, and it also means a reunion with Marcel, his vampire protégé who has since become king of the city. And this is really where we see things get interesting...the Klaus we know is always at the top of the food chain. No one and nothing can get in his way, but in New Orleans, it's Marcel that everyone looks to and respects -- this includes all vampires, all witches and all werewolves. When Marcel kills the witch that Klaus has traveled to see, Klaus lashes out and asserts his power as the only truly immortal creature, biting one of Marcel's minions with the werewolf bite. With the help and encouragement of Elijah though, the original family decides to stay in Nola, and Klaus realizes that if he wants his top dog status back, he has to get in close with Marcel and take him down. So, he heals Marcel's friend.

    But guys, that is not what really got us going with this pilot. Here's the SHOCKER. Hailey, the werewolf girl, who had a one night hook-up with Klaus is PREGNANT with his child! Yes, I guess because she's a wolf and he's part wolf, he can actually father a child -- the impossible is apparently possible and this pregnancy was confirmed by a witch and the fact that Klaus could hear the heartbeat. But, Klaus is still totally hung up on Caroline and even calls her to tell her he can't stop thinking about her. And guys, there's a new human bartender girl on the block who has Klaus' eye, too. So Klaus is essentially caught up in a love square already.
    SO there are already a ton of great plot lines set up -- Klaus struggling to retain power, Marcel's New Orleans's kingdom and all it's complexities, Elijah's new found leadership, Haylie being Klaus' baby mama, and Rebecca's lack of any desire to be a part of her family. Oh and also, is anyone else out there obsessed with Marcel? How cute is he? He needs more screen time! Give us your thoughts on the backdoor Originals pilot -- we want to know if you're hoping it gets a pick up on the CW and we also want to know what you want to see happen if it does! Feel free to weigh in down in the comments section and if you love the Vampire Diaries, make ClevverTV your ultimate source by subscribing to our channel on YoUTube. I'm Joslyn Davis -- thanks for stopping by!

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