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    Solar-Klean Video


    by SmartShoot

    41 views At Solar-Klean we provide an eco-friendly method for solar panel cleaning combined with a regular preventative maintenance program, designed to ensure our clients' solar electric panels/systems are performing at optimal levels.

    Manufacturer studies show that a clean solar panel produces up to 25% higher energy yields than an unkempt panel, which could mean significant higher returns on investment for responsible owners and on time pay back for financiers and investors. Therefore, implementing a regular maintenance program is important.

    Our services include the inspection of inverters, the inspection and adjustment of racking, wiring and harness checks, system performance checks and obstruction and shading checks to ground mount, residential and commercial rooftop, utility scale solar energy systems.

    Other services include window washing, dryer vent cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and downspout flush.

    Hours of operation Mon-Sat 8am-4:30pm