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    Big shock on American Idol Top 4 elimination show—the judges finally use their save and our favorite Canadian rapper surprises one contestant. Welcome back Idol fans, you're watching your IDOL CAP here on ClevverMusic. At the start of the Top 4 elimination show, host Ryan Seacrest teased us promising, "Another serious night of drama", and he delivered! It was Amber Holcomb and Candice Glover that were announced as the bottom two, but because the four judges, Mariah, Nicki, Randy and Keith never used their one "save" of the season (they are supposed to use it before the Top 5) the show decided to keep all four girls on for one more week. Amber and Candice looked stunned and relieved at the same time. The producers have an extra week built in to the show and need fill before the finale, so this week's votes will be combined with next week's scores for the elimination.

    But that wasn't the only shock of the night. When recapping Candice Glover's performances from the night before, which included rapper Drake's song "Find Your Love", Ryan Seacrest announced they had a special audio message from Drake to play for Candice. We hear "...I was so honored that you sang my song and you did such an incredible job you have an angelic voice almost wish you were there in the studio creating it with me..." Then Drake surprised Candice actually coming out on stage, take a look.

    Candice seemed genuinely thrilled and embarrassed all at the same time, so cute! During the next commercial break Drake told the audience he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for his pal Nicki Minaj. We love that Nicki went out of her way to do something nice for one of the contestants!

    Former Season 10 Idol and ladies' man Stefano Langone performed on the show his love felt song "Yes to Love". We talked to him after the show and revealed details on his new album, so be sure to check that out. Season 9 winner Lee Dewyze also took the stage on the show and performed his brand new song "Silver Lining", bringing some powerful folk rock to the Idol stage, take a look.

    Alright guys, that's it for this week's IDOL CAP! We caught up with all four remainging girls: Amber, Candice, Angie, and Kree after the shocking elimination and they said they had a feeling this might happen, so click here for a link to watch that interview. Now also don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more music news and singing show coverage! I'm Misty Kingma see you next time.