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    Working Together for the Planet - 5 Videos for Earth Day

    3BL Media

    by 3BL Media

    There are so many issues affecting the planet that every day needs to be treated as Earth Day, and everyone needs to be part of the solution. To have a sustainable future, we’re going to need to change everything from the way we do business and the technology we use, to the food we eat and the homes we live in.

    So for this playlist, we’ve brought together voices from business, government and advocacy, all of whom are working in their own way to protect the Earth. Their perspectives and proposals vary, but each demonstrates an unwavering commitment to healing the planet.

    Ceres – Business for Smart Climate Policy
    Earlier this month Video4Good was on hand in Washington D.C. when Ceres and 33 major U.S. companies unveiled the Climate Declaration, urging federal policymakers to take action on climate change. Ceres, a strong advocate for sustainable leadership, and its partners believe that a bold response to the climate challenge is needed to protect resources, and will spur e