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    Chicken and Ground Beef Linked to Higher Foodborne Illnesses

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    Chicken and ground beef are linked to a higher rate of foodborne illness.

    If you’re feeling adventurous you could try skydiving, running with the bulls, or eating a chicken sandwich.

    Recent analysis shows that chicken and ground beef have led to more hospitalizations than any other meat.

    When it comes to the spread of serious foodborne illnesses, the two are the biggest culprits but turkey and steak weren’t too far behind.

    Most ground beef hospitalizations were a result of e. coli. Chicken had two diseases working against it – salmonella and clostridium perfringens.

    Some bacteria are spread in the slaughtering and processing of the meat and their adverse affects become greater when not cooked properly. Others develop sickness-inducing abilities because of improper handling and storage.

    Experts recommend consumers be vigilant when handling and eating meat, paying extra attention while cooking and keeping up sanitary prep conditions.

    Keep an eye on your veggies, too – especially the leafy green ones. According to the CDC, they are actually the leading cause of foodborne illnesses.

    The havoc they wreak on humans tends to be significantly less severe than those possible from meat, but there are more cases of them.