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    Lottery Winner Tragically Dies Just Before Collecting Prize Money

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    A lottery winner tragically dies before collecting the prize money.

    Life can sometimes be extremely cruel. Recently, a 25-year-old man in Kerala, India passed away shortly after winning the lottery.

    After discovering his good fortune he deposited the winning lottery ticket at a local bank. Sadly however, he drowned in an irrigation pond before he could redeem the money.

    The male, who worked as a laborer had reportedly been watering vegetables outside of his home when he slipped. According to the man’s relatives, he suffered from epilepsy and may have fallen after a seizure.

    His relatives say his intent was to purchase land and build a residence for his parents and family. Lottery authorities will give the money to the man’s legal heirs once the necessary documentation is received.

    Earlier this year, two brothers in Kansas bought narcotics to celebrate their $75,000 lottery win. While at their Wichita residence, one of the siblings ventured into the kitchen to refuel the butane torches for lighting their bongs.

    Several canisters of butane lighter fluid leaked droplets into the air. The vapor reached the pilot light in the furnace and the end result was a house that had exploded. Both brothers survived but faced legal repercussions.