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    Is It Ok to Microwave Food in Plastic?

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    by Geo Beats

    Learn the harmful effects of heating foods in the microwave.

    Is it safe to microwave food in a plastic container?

    According to research from the Arizona State University, certain chemicals can get into your food from some kinds of plastic containers.

    When it is heated up, some plastics release Bisphenol A, or BPA, and phthalates into the food.

    These chemicals have been linked with health risks like hormone imbalance, or birth defects, cancer and heart disease.

    The Food and Drug Administration banned plastic baby bottles containing BPA, due to consumer worries about developmental problems.

    One study on melamine resin plastic bowls found that after 90 degree Fahrenheit soup was poured into a bowl, trace amounts showed up in the consumers urine afterwards.

    This means that some of the melamine chemical got into the food and was ingested.

    The risk of this chemical doing any damage to someone is very low.

    According to the study, a person would have to eat hundreds of servings from the bowl for the melamine to have any physical effect.

    Doctor Rolf Halden, who has studied the effects of plastic containers on food, recommends reheating with glass or ceramic containers, or better yet, prepared in the oven or on the stove.