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    Organization Committed to Stopping Killer Robots

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    An organization is committed to stopping killer robots.

    Human Rights Watch activists are trying to raise awareness in an effort to pass an international treaty and national laws to prevent the use of autonomous weapons, or killer robots.

    Their Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is made up of international organizations demanding a ban on fully autonomous weapons of any kind, before they are made.

    Steve Goose, Arms Division director at Human Rights Watch said: “A human should always be ‘in-the-loop’ when decisions are made on the battlefield. Killer robots would cross moral and legal boundaries, and should be rejected as repugnant to the public conscience.”

    Human Rights Watch, working with Harvard Law School, published a 50 page report on the legal, ethical, and international policy problems that are introduced with the use of autonomous weapons.

    Unmanned drones and other robots are already being used by law enforcement and the military in 70 different countries, and the technology is progressing quickly.

    The New America Foundation reports that around 24 hundred and 39 hundred people were killed by US drones in Pakistan and Libya between 2004 and 2013.