You Can Buy This $20,000 Japanese Robot for Your Child

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A Japanese robot is made for children.

Robots are going mainstream. In a yet another validation, a Japanese manufacturing company is releasing a scaled down, ride-able machine for kids.

But before you let your kids dream, be aware that the robot has a price tag of $20,000. Named, the Kid’s Walker Cyclops, it seats one adolescent. One hand of the robot appears to be a drill while the other hand serves as a claw, ready to grab a whole slew of things children can get their hands on.

The new machine is actually the second version that the company has made for children. Both kiddie rides appear to be spinoffs from a previous version that the company geared toward adults.

Another Japanese robotic creation, the Kuratas was unveiled at the Wonder festival in Tokyo last year. The 13-foot high, over $1-$1.5 million robot can listen to the human owner through an iPhone or people can climb into a cockpit and control its movements.