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    Man Has Visited Over 6,000 Chinese Restaurants

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    A man documented his visits to over 6,000 restaurants.

    How much do you like Chinese food? I bet not as much as David Chan.

    A lawyer by profession in Los Angeles, he has visited over 6,000 restaurants in his lifetime. And he’s not even close to being satisfied.

    Thus far, the 64-year-old has eaten at an exactly 6,297 Chinese joints and has documented his experiences and opinions at each restaurant in a detailed excel spreadsheet. On top of being a legal expert, Chan has become somewhat of a dining authority.

    Food critics commonly ask him for advice on Twitter regarding where to eat. Restaurant chefs and workers carefully watch nervously as he takes a bite at any establishment, signifying the value of Chan’s judgment.

    The top of the spreadsheet dates back to 1955, detailing a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles.

    China has an amazingly diverse cuisine with its history dating back thousands of years. Take for instance, the Puffer fish, considered a delicacy in China.

    It also happens to be one of the most poisonous vertebrates on this planet. They contain tetrodotoxin which according to National Geographic can be 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Only licensed chefs who know how to remove the toxin can serve a puffer fish.