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    Psy successfully recreates the magic of "Gangnam Style", breaking new YouTube records with follow up hit "Gentlemen"! Welcome back my friends, thanks for watching ClevverMusic here on YouTube. Korean rapper Psy's YouTube video for his new song "Gentleman" debuted April 14th and earned a whopping 38 million views in a single day! This broke the record for single-day views of 30 million set by KONY 2012 last year. It also holds the day-of debut record which was previously 18.5 million views. A little over a week later "Gentleman" accumulated over 200 million views, that's insane! Not to mention that his first single "Gangnam Style" remains YouTube's top viewed video at 1.5 billion views! Psy seriously needs to tell us his secrets. And if you've ever wondered what it is like to tour with a K-pop star you know how the chance—if you know how to cook. Psy has announced a contest, looking for a personal chef to go on his world tour with him this summer. The perks that come along with being named Psy's personal chef for one month include $40,000, 5-star travel accommodations, and lots of "Gangnam Style" partying like a K-Pop star with Psy! We can only imagine. You can still submit your video to the "Psy Go, Bibigo" contest up until May 11, 2013. We've dropped the link below to the contest! Maybe next Psy will attempt to break a food record? Anything is possible when you're Psy. Thank you so much for tuning in, I'm Misty Kingma, see you next time.