Classic Game Room - TRIPLE ACTION review for IntelliVision


by ClassicGameRoom

Triple Action review. Classic Game Room reviews TRIPLE ACTION for Intellivision from Mattel released in 1981, three games on one game cartridge! Enjoy Battle Tanks, Racing Cars and Biplanes in this old school collection of 2-player minigames which is similar to Combat for Atari 2600 plus auto racing! Gameplay is simple and common for the early '80s, fight your friends with little slow moving tanks, race through traffic until you reach 100 points and crash airplanes while shooting a hot air balloon (and each other)! CGR Triple Action video review features IntelliVision gameplay recorded in full HD to show the awesome IntelliVision detail! Collectors can easily find this game and will surely enjoy the awesome, old-school two player gameplay. Blow up airplanes and cars in the same game!!!