Kilian Martin - India Within - Skateboard - 2013

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A new video of Kilian Martin skateboarding in India with Brett Novak filming beautifully as always. If you're watching it for the skateboarding you'll feel it is a bit old hat Kilian which isn't a bad thing. A half-cab tre flip and a flatground primo -> manual on a riser pad stand out as the key sequences to impress for me. The main aspect of this video in my viewing was really the focus on the environment since I felt it heavily outweighed the skateboarding aspect. The interior shooting had a very "Gleaming the Cube" feel to it. I enjoyed it much more than the last video.

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2 commentaires

ça calme
superbe skate!!
Par dawidoss Buisson l'année dernière
Incroyable technique à la Rodney Mullen!! good!
Par dawidoss Buisson l'année dernière