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    Mikhail Gorbachev - a great evil


    by ulaghchi

    Was Mikhail Gorbachev a weak politician? Why did the Nobel Prize attract him more than his own country? What about the victims of Gorbachev's reforms? Political scientist Sergei Kurginyan gives his opinion.

    Sergei Kurginyan (Сергей Кургинян) is a Russian political and cultural figure.

    He is known primarily as a political scientist and author of several books and a number of political articles in the press, as well as President of the International Fund "Experimental Creative Center." He often appears on television in various analytical programs as an expert.

    Kurginyan has two entities: in 1972 he graduated from the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute as a geophysicist, and in 1983 he graduated from the Theater School Shchukin as a faculty director. While still a student he created a theater studio which in 1986 became the state's theater and is known as the "on the board" theater.