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    Chinese Bridge Design Looks Like a Roller Coaster

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A Chinese bridge meant to look like mountains resembles a roller coaster.

    A design firm based in Shanghai, China recently unveiled a bridge that seemingly depicts a roller coaster. The twists, turns, ups and downs are the most noticeable aspect of the structure.

    The original idea behind the bridge was to create a crossing that would look like and represent mountains which are absent in this region of China. The bridge spans across a river and the rounded arches, which vary in size create a modern backdrop to the natural surroundings.

    Lines stretch across the arches, which add to the amusement park ride resemblance, as they look like roller coaster tracks. The bridge’s curves serve not only for appearence but for structural purposes as they offer support.

    Last year, an amazing bridge concept in Paris drew plenty of buzz. Called 'A Bridge in Paris', essentially it would be a giant, inflatable structure with multiple trampolines that cross the famous Seine River.

    Composed of three bound-together, floating rings, which stretch 30 meters in diameter, the middle of each ring contains a massive trampoline. The circular outskirts allow for an arch-like structure, which would appear to allow boats to pass underneath.