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Interbreeding May Have Helped Homo Sapiens Triumph

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Interbreeding may have helped homo sapiens triumph.

A new study shows that modern human beings may have evolved by breeding with related species like Neanderthals and Homo floresiensis.

The common theory of human evolution says that our species originated in Africa and other related species that were not as adaptable died out.

Genetic evidence suggests that modern Homo sapiens share DNA with Neanderthals and other prehistoric humans.

The new evidence is leading to theories about how widespread the population was geographically and how humans benefited from interbreeding with these ancient species.

Neanderthal DNA accounts for between 1 and 4 percent of modern human genomes in Eurasia.

One benefit seems to be a better immune system that allowed for a further Diaspora of the human species.

According to a paleogeneticist at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology at Barcelona, Spain: “The only modern populations without Neanderthal admixture are the sub-Saharan groups… Contact took place outside Africa, likely in the Near East, and that there was a back migration into Africa of some groups that peopled North Africa, likely replacing or assimilating some ancestral populations.”