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Envelope pushing musician Will.i.am hosts a Google+ hangout and admits to borrowing part of a song for his track "Let's Go"! Hey music fans you're watching ClevverMusic here on YouTube, here's a new music update. Will.i.am dropped his fourth solo album #willpower yesterday and did a Google+ Hangout to celebrate with fans. The virtual hangout included Britney Spears who is featured on "Scream & Shout" on the album and said of Will during the chat, "I've always been a fan of will. I think he gets our generation". Miley Cyrus who is also featured on the album on the song, "Fall Down" also made an appearance in the Hangout. Will explained their collaboration came together when he found her in the studio one day and said of her new music, "...she has redefined everything that you thought Miley Cyrus was... amazing incredibleness." Big words coming from Will to Miley, who said herself she's been living in the studio lately. All this makes us even more excited to hear her forthcoming new music!

We're not sure but we think this Google+ Hangout was intended to overshadow some negative press Will's been getting over stealing part of a song on his new track with Chris Brown called, "Let's Go". Will cleared up the rumors yesterday admitting he borrowed a beat from the Arty and Mat Zo song "Rebound". Arty had recently pointed out on Twitter that no one cleared the sample rights to the song with his label. Will told KIIS-FM, "Arty is a dope producer so I wrote this song to 'Rebound' this last year...something happened and the clearance...hopefully we resolved the issue." Sounds to us like Will did not intend to "steal" a song and will clear the air. We admire him admitting the error to the press! We'll link below to the "Let's Go" song and the Google+ Hangout so you can hear it and weigh in on all the drama. I'm Misty Kingma in Hollywood see you soon with more music news where on ClevverMusic.