Nearly 100 killed in Bangladesh garment factory collapse

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Scrambling to rescue those trapped inside... after an eight story building collapsed on the outskirts of the Bangladeshi capital.

Nearly 100 people were killed when the garment factory's floors started slamming down on top of each other. More than a thousand people were injured and rescue workers are searching for others in the rubble.

SOUNDBITE: Survivor, Jweel Islam saying (Bengali):

"I started work at 8 in the morning and around 9.30, i suddenly heard a strange sound and I saw that the building was collapsing. I then ran out to the stairwell and jumped down. I lost consciousness but I was rescued by others."

Outside, anguish (wailing) and uncertainty as locals waited for updates about loved ones.

These two girls just learned their mother is dead.

Safety has long been a concern for the country's booming garment industry which has been plagued by fires and others accidents. Police say factory owners ignored warnings that there was crack in the bu