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    Son of Ridgely (2003) silent live action animated comedy

    Alberto Martinez

    by Alberto Martinez

    The Son of Ridgely (2004)

    genre: live action- animated, comedy, science fiction

    Alberto Martinez
    Alex Clavijo
    Christina Fabris
    Ayana Corbin
    Bizzy Smith
    Brendan Foley

    with cameos by Charissa Prince Ferdinand and Vincent Vlado of Sci Fi Ninja Theater

    In 2003, filming began on the sequel to "The Trials and Lusts of Ridgely the Rat" (1999.) This more ambitious sequel featured more traditional and stop motion animation blended into the live action, with a bigger cast and more locations than the last film, plus almost entirely an original score by Shaper of Patterns (Brendan Foley, who plays the Keeper of the Artifacts in this film) of Slunt Recordings.

    One of the tracks in the film, "Feet, Legs, Head," was produced by both Brendan and Rocco Biondo, who formed the duo, The Innovaders, for Slunt Recordings.

    Having grown up believing that he was just a wierd looking person, Ridgely comes home from college and reads his father's diary to find out that he is the fabled son of Ridgely, the rat turned human who's change of lifestyle has inspired the rat population to seek our the son of Ridgely in a war. Ridgely enlists the aid of his two cousins: Twotz the rat, and his human cousin Dolphe (Alex Clavijo.) Having to come to terms with his rat side, Ridgely jr decides to face the enemy and save mankind.

    Locations included Astoria, NY as well as parts of Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. The scenes in Delaware were shot in conjunction with Clavijo's movie, Death & Destiny.

    This film also features the last appearance of my dog, Erica. She appeared in the two Gerukadon films on my channel. Her appearance in this film was shot three days before she was laid to rest after a losing bout with cancer. She is forever missed. Also features my Boston Terrier, Daisy, at the end of the film. She, too, is terribly missed.