Ruff Ryders - West Coast Hood Starz

Oussama Rafiq

par Oussama Rafiq

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12 commentaires

I was in the black R hoody rolling on betsy
Par Onenineman Il y a 3 heures
Ruff Ryders !!!
Par Riu DRstunt Il y a 3 ans
why are you doing stunts on public roads, you could not only kill yourselves but others too. Doing stunts in trainers,joggers and sweatshirts is mad!! Look up skin burn stats at some point, unless of course you want to learn the hard way. You may think you look cool but you wont look so cool with only half your skin left on!
Par saferider Il y a 5 ans
wish i could do that . its cool
Par pete12000 Il y a 6 ans
ah ! ah ! !!!^^ du bon !! viens téma ma Playliste "Mr P ":http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/xka5u_bounce_baynow_mr-p
Par bounce Il y a 6 ans
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