Fifa 13 Ultimate Team Coin -- Player Making Glitch (WORKING!) (Xbox 360 version)

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Hi my name is Charlie Brown and i'm a former EA admin and i know of a secret way that is 100% fool proof in getting as much coins as you desire. Ea is a greedy company that steals money from its players for their own satisfaction, which is why I am showing you this method.

Fifa 13 ultimate has had problems with packs and the servers on the xbox 360. They have been refunding coins back to people on the xbox 360 ultimate team. This will only work if you have 10.000 coins or above on the xbox 360 because they will believe you bought them. All you have to do is email EA SPORTS HELP SERVICE AT:

Copy and paste this code below:

3343342@email(ENTER YOUR EMAIL HERE)59959949@password(ENTER YOUR PASSWORD HERE)443435333333(ENTER YOUR SECURITY ANSWER HERE)4477373REFUND@300000COINS@EA SPORTS remember you enter your ea information not xbox

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