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    Man Accidentally Shoots Harpoon into Own Head

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    by Geo Beats

    A man accidentally shoots a harpoon into his own head.

    A Brazilian man recently survived the unthinkable. The 34-year-old male had been cleaning fishing equipment when he accidentally shot himself in the head with a harpoon after a spear gun inadvertently fired.

    Terrifyingly, the spear was lodged approximately 6 Inches into his skull, through his left eye and his brain. Even more shocking, the man did not go the hospital following the accident.

    Instead, he waited to seek medical attention until the next day after a family member urged him to get help. He suffered absolutely no brain damage, but he did end up losing an eye.

    Last year, a Maryland woman was hospitalized after being struck in the head with an arrow. The 26-year-old female was viewing archery target practice outside of a residence, when one of the arrows recoiled from a hay bale and hit her.

    Although the weapon did not penetrate her skull, she was flown to the trauma center. Thankfully, she was released to begin the recovery process.