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    Hotel Owner Trapped in Lift for Four Days

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    A hotel owner is trapped in a lift for four days.

    58-year-old, Thomas Fleetwood was recently freed from his hotel’s lift in Austria after being trapped inside - alone and for four whole days.

    He had been conducting a final check of the hotel, which was closed for the season. That’s when the elevator broke down, leaving Fleetwood without any food, water or any other life saving necessities.

    To add to the unfortunate incident, his cell phone was left on his desk. Fleetwood was able to get some fresh air by breaking a small glass panel at the front of the lift.

    Thankfully, after several days, an acquaintance of Fleetwood stooped by the hotel and noticed mail piling up and alerted rescue authorities. After being freed from the elevator, he stated “I am proud of myself that I didn't panic and used my military training to get through.”

    In 2008, a then 34-year-old man from New York was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours. It was 11 P.M. when he first got trapped and the building was empty.

    Finally, after almost two days, he was discovered and freed.