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    Farmer Creates Vodka From Milk

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    by Geo Beats

    A farmer creates vodka from milk.

    Vodka comes from……..cows?! Evidently on one farm in the United Kingdom, it does.

    Dorset farmer, James Barber transforms the milk from his 250 cows to concoct the beverage known as Black Cow Vodka and he has been quite successful thus far. Even Mr. James Bond, Daniel Craig is reported to be a fan.

    It took Barber three years to get the vodka mixture down right. The curds are used for cheese while the whey is fermented to make beer. They undergo a blending process prior to being filtered and bottled.

    According to a taster at the Spirit Cellar “It has a sweetness that lingers on the palate, drowning out the alcohol and making this a vodka that is perfect over ice, or just heavily chilled or frozen.“

    Last year, another innovative booze item hit the market. Called the Vice Lolly it was derived from ice cream, holy water, 80% absinthe and described as "a spiritual refreshment that is miraculous and medicinal in a single lick."