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    The Poker Test by Erik Casey - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    NO sleights a simple and incredibly powerful multiphase routine that leaves audiences astounded at the miracle they just witnessed.
    The Poker Test is outstanding. Ive enjoyed showing it to my wife and my daughters and look forward to showing it to many others. It just looks impossible. I love all the surprises.
    -Johnny Ace Palmer
    I laughed I cried I lost ten pounds. The Poker Test changed my life
    -Chris Smith of Magicsmith
    There is no better trick out there that can get your audience as involved like The Poker Test does this is a trick that you are sure to take everywhere you go.
    Phase 1 Observation
    You ask the audience to participate in an observation test and to focus on the details of what they see before them. And the note that there are no extra cards in either hand it is a fair test.
    Phase 2 The Easy Question
    You start by asking an easy question which the audience can easily answer. And they answer correct in telling you the number of cards in your hand.
    Phase 3 The Hard Question
    You tell the audience that the next few questions will be harder than before. By asking what the bottom card was you seem to confuse the audience for this question was just as easy as the previous. But to everyones surprise a card has impossibly appeared where the blank card was held.
    Phase 4 The Harder Question
    Ask the audience to dig deep into their memory and remember what the color was on the back of the playing cards. But alas the color of all five cards has changed Just as openly and five times as amazing as the first change.
    Phase 5 The Hardest Question
    Now that all the cards backs have impossibly changed colors its time to draw the audiences attention back to the faces of the cards. Asking them to recall what the other four cards were seems like an easy feat. As you slowly drop your hand down to reveal the faces of the said four blank cards you now hold in your hand an entire Royal Flush