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    Electric Touch Plus DVD and Gimmick by Yigal Mesika - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Power you can see hear and feel
    A very powerful way to spark a reaction.
    - David Blaine
    Its brilliant and electrifying
    - Cyril
    ...Yigals products are incredibly innovative clever and a must have for those who want to create miracles anywhere at any time.
    - Criss Angel
    As performed on TV by top magicians from around the world Criss Angel Luis De Matos Hiro Sakai and many more.
    Electric Touch Plus gives you the extraordinary ability to deliver an electrostatic shock that will not only surge through your fingertips but through your entire body as well --- and thats just for starters Watch your audience gasp in astonishment as you charge everyday objects like keys coins rings and spoons. They will actually see hear and feel the immense power at your command
    When the original Electric Touch was announced magicians and mentalists worldwide had just one question Is this really possible When they discovered the groundbreaking technology they were amazed by its brilliance practicality and versatility. Now the international best seller is back and better than ever with new and improved technology. Heres your chance to bend the laws of nature and create jaw-dropping miracles.
    Sending spectators electrostatic messages with a mere touch of your finger
    Using your power to illuminate fluorescent bulbs
    Animating a pile of dry tea leaves tobacco confetti salt or pepper
    Bending streams of water with a simple flick of your wrist
    Charging any conductive metal object
    Creating a spark of energy between any two audience members
    The possibilities are endless
    No one can teach you better than the creator of Electric Touch himself Yigal Mesika. Here on an all-new HD-quality DVD is your exclusive opportunity to witness Yigal share his closely-guarded subtleties expert tips and personal routines that will take your magic to the next level and beyond. Electric Touch will create an imm