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    Silent Deck - Red by Sherman Tai - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    A three part kicker to an amazing card routine
    Spectator shuffles the deck. Magician proceeds to place a face down card on the mat. After that magician riffles through the deck and spectator shouts stop at any time.
    Spectator takes the card and remembers the card. Later spectator is invited to slot the selected card anywhere in the card spread.
    Magician now proceeds to use 4 cards as his assistants to find the selected card. Surprisingly the cards revealed resemble the selected card by the spectator. The magician proceeds to explain that everything was just an imagination.
    Magician shows to the spectator that the cards in his hands are actually the aces Next the magician turns over the card on the mat and it turns out to be the spectators selected card
    As a final kicker the entire deck is spread out and they are all have blank faces
    Everything can be examined after the performance.
    Selected card by spectator can be signed.
    Simple to perform.
    No Palming.
    Instructional booklet and gimmick deck provided.