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    Coinvexed 3rd Generation (DVD and Gimmick) by David Penn and Wizard FX Productions - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    The Final Answer In Coin Bending
    Morgan Strebler
    When David Penn released his Coinvexed coin bending gimmick it established itself as the number one choice for professional magicians and mentalists all over the world. Coinvexed Third Generation takes the project even further with an improved gimmick and a DVD featuring three real world working routines.
    In David Penns double coin bend routine a spectator signs a coin which can be borrowed. Then something very extraordinary happens as they feel the coin bend within their own hands. The reactions for this are incredible as the coin is also signed A second signed coin then bends whilst being isolated under their palm on a table top. The spectator can then keep the coins as a souvenir which freezes the moment for them forever.
    No switches The coins that the spectator has signed are the same coins that bend. Only the coins and the sharpie are seen and the sharpie can be used by the spectator to sign the coin. No special chemicals Just diabolically clever gimmicks that hide in full view.
    Get ready to unleash the ultimate signed coin bend on your audience Reactions are guaranteed
    Just when I thought my favourite coin bending gimmick couldnt get any better David Penn has literally shattered my expectations The new Coinvexed Double Coin Bend routine is the final answer in coin bending It is going straight into my set This will be the first new material from another artist in my show for two years. Its that damn good
    Morgan Strebler
    Thats Fing Awesome Can I Get That Now
    David Blaine
    This takes the original (and great) Coinvexed tool and gives it an extra 50. The original was very clever but this just takes the biscuit
    James Brown - Winner of The Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year
    In short this is superb. The ultimate solution to the bending coin plot. It ticks all the right boxes - commercial deceptive and extremely memorable. Very highly recommen