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    Spirit by Arnel Renegado (DVD) - Magic Trick

    World Of Magic

    by World Of Magic

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    Ghosts are real.
    You can control them.
    They do what you tell them to.
    Prepare yourself for the devious secret of Spirit
    Take an ordinary plastic bottle and show it to your spectators. They gather around you to see something extraordinary. They want to witness you harnessing the power of a ghost. You put the bottle down on the table and concentrate. The cap then impossibly starts to rotate on its own. Slowly and eerily it moves and the people around you freak out.
    The cap stops to move. You take the bottle and give it to somebody to keep. You walk away leaving everybody in utter awe and disbelief.
    Spirit is an incredible demonstration of telekinesis or necromancy. This secret technique allows you to rotate the cup of an ordinary bottle without touching it.
    Simple and quick setup
    Gimmick included - do it out of the box
    Detailed instructions - nothing is left out
    Note This DVD may experience issues with playback on certain stand-alone players however Playback is possible on computer DVD-ROM drives.