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    Kilt Wearing Boosts Sperm Strength

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    by Geo Beats

    Kilt wearing reportedly boosts sperm strength.

    In decoding the mysteries of attraction, scientists have found that the visual cues we innately associate with fertility, propel us to seduce or defend.

    One study, published not surprisingly, in the Scottish Medical Journal suggests that men in kilts have stronger sperm.

    They attribute it to the lower localized temperatures the garment allows, a factor that has long been known to positively affect sperm count.

    Previous studies on the potential dangers of wearing restrictive clothing prompted a researcher in the Netherlands to investigate the possible benefits of the traditional Scottish garb.

    The author sifted through data and came up with several observations.

    In general he found that most men who wear kilts do so sans undergarments, also called the regimental style, and many felt an increased sense of masculinity when dressed in them.

    Based on the literature, he concluded that men who wear kilts during their procreating years will have better sperm quality and fertility. He also speculated the decrease in Scottish male fertility since the 1950’s is attributable to the decline of kilt wearing.