Finally, New Hospital Gown Design Has Closed Back

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A new hospital gown design has a closed back.

Fashion trends are constantly moving forward but one garment has stubbornly remained the same.

Up until now, the open backed hospital gown added to the unfortunate downside of medical visits and hospital stays.

A new gown is a baggy, bright blue, v-neck clothing piece with a new, much needed aspect; a back that closes. Decency at last.

The product designer for the Henry Ford Innovation Institute states “It’s warmer, it closes in the front, it’s much easier to put on and patients feel much more secure and have a sense of privacy which is nice.” Derived from a heavy fabric, the garment possesses snap closures.

An access flap allows for a little poking and prodding by medical staff but it closes right up. Even better, the cost of manufacturing the new cover ups is comparable to the standard ones.

Several years ago, another innovative gown but with a more niche appeal was invented. Utilizing forced air warming technology, patients could get toasty warm before surgery. Called the “Bair Paws System”, the designers described it as the “world’s first patient warming gown.”

Unfortunately cost was reportedly higher than warmed air blankets.