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    Bride Lands in Court for Lying to Husband About Virginity

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    A Muslim bride lands in court for lying about her virginity.

    A bride is dealing with the aftermath of lying to her now ex-husband. The Egyptian woman landed in court after her former hubby discovered that she wasn’t a virgin.

    Apparently, the lady had not informed the unsuspecting groom that she had taken part in sexual endeavors prior to the nuptials. She reportedly even underwent a medical procedure to hide the truth. The lady was recently ordered to pay her ex-husband over $7,000 in damages for that lie.

    During the initial divorce hearing, the court heard that she had been married previously and divorced her first husband. She then reportedly made false statement to the next groom.

    Last year, a man in China believed that his beautiful wife cheated on him because he thought his baby was ugly. He then found out that she had undergone approximately $90,000 in plastic surgery to improve her looks prior to meeting her husband.

    After divorcing, the man followed up with a lawsuit, claiming that the lady had lured him into marriage under 'false pretenses'. Amazingly, a judge awarded him about $120,000 in the suit.