Burglars Unknowingly Target an Asbestos Van

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A health warning is issued to asbestos van burglars.

Burglars might want to think twice before carrying out a theft.

Recently, thieves broke into a decontamination caravan in Hampshire, United Kingdom. They reportedly forced their way through the locked doors of the vehicle and opened up sealed bags.

That’s where there’s a huge issue, as the bags contained brown, blue and white asbestos-ridden clothing. The garments came from construction employees who were working on a nearby demolition site.

Although the damage to the van amounted to over $7,000 dollars, the prime concern is the safety of the burglars. A public authority, Ella Knight released a statement to the unknown culprits saying “If you entered this unit, you are likely to have been contaminated by asbestos and should seek medical attention."

Asbestos comes in differing forms and is known to cause cancer.

Earlier this year, the skin of a tarantula spider was found in the attic of a abandoned house in Cardiff and sent to a lab for testing. An asbestos removal team found the tarantula skin, so the loose spider may have been covered with the toxic substance.