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    Experiments on Sea Snails Indicate Memory Loss Can Be Reversed

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    Experiments on sea snails indicate that memory loss can be reversed.

    A study using sea snails has presented some promising results that might help doctors be able to reverse memory loss.

    The University of Texas Health Science Center neurologists came up with a way to simulate memory loss in the snails.

    Sea snail nerve cells are simple, but they are similar to more complex species like humans.

    The researchers used a mathematical formula to figure out at what intervals the snail’s brain would be ready to learn.

    At those times the snails were given a chemical that made the connections between the impaired neurons revert almost back to normal.

    Doctor Jack Byrne Ph. D. said: “This methodology may apply to humans if we can identify the same biochemical processes... Our results suggest a new strategy for treatments of cognitive impairment. Mathematical models might help design therapies that optimize the combination of training protocols with traditional drug treatments.”

    Another study shows that there is no evidence of drugs or health supplements preventing memory loss.

    The researchers looked at the effects of dementia medication, vitamins and herbal supplements that are purported to help memory function.